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From: (....Mercury....)
Organization: Anonymous forwarding service
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 1995 06:51:28 UTC
Subject: Forced (M/M)
Lines: 93o
o Oh Wise Master, I wonder who rules Alt.Sex.Stories ?
o Why that is easy, young Grasshopper. It is...
o ... M e r c u r y ...
o For listen to the Wind. Does it not whisper in your ear,
o "Mercury rulez A.S.S.!" And listen to the babbling brook.
o Does it not babble, "Mercury has the biggest dick of all!"
o You see, Grasshopper. All of Nature is in harmony with
o Mercury, for he is one with the Universe!
o .... I just LOVE fan mail ! That's what keeps me posting
o these stories. Here's a message I received just today!
o >
o > From :
o > Subject : Re: ChipMonk (M/M, magic)
o >
o > Post your crap on gaynet or in a gay section!
o >
o Mercury's response : Kiss my ass, you worthless piece of shit!
o Oh, and have a nice day! :)
o In honor of the asian preteens girls above-mentioned shit4brains, I'm posting *15* more
o gay stories! I was planning to post some straight or bi stories,
o but that charming little reptile changed my mind! Remember to
o thank him! I'm sure what he really wants is some preteen tranny boys attention. . .
o assian preteen
Notes :
o 1. I did not write this story and do not know who did.
o 2. If you're a biW/A m/f 18-24 looking for friends, write.
oMessage #10693 "Fantasy"
Date: 09-Mar-91 19:53
From: Tokar
To: All
Subj: Billy I met Billy through a personals ad in a local music magazine. He said
he was 21, blonde, blue eyes, 5'8", gymnast-type body, just moved from the
Chicago area. We met at a preteen twinks local bar, talked a lot, but he seemed somewhat
"distant" for some reason. I had assumed he just wasn't attracted to me,
although I had been honest that I was 12 years older than him and rather
chubby. He had to work early the next day, so we made plans to meet again
at my place that weekend.
On our second meeting, I again noticed the "distance" between us, which
seemed to only increase as the night went on. At his request, we watched a
XXX male video, and I could pubic preteens
see his uneasiness getting stronger as it was
nearing the end. He said he had to tell me something. I prepared myself for
the "Let's just be friends" speech, but he just wanted to clear the air on
some details he had left out about himself. He was bisexual, lived with his
girlfriend with whom he had run away from home with when he was 17. He had
only had two previous experiences with men, the last with a guy he saw
regularly in Chicago before moving out West. The first experience, which
went on for six months, was with his father, who raped him regularly during
his senior year at high school. He loved magazine models preteen his father, although the man was
an alcoholic and had mollested his younger sister as well, before she went
to live with relatives after his mother's death. Billy tried to fight off
his father many times, but he x preteens model kept threatening to tell his schoolmates about
what they were doing together, so he went along with the blackmail until he
got his diploma, then left town with his girlfriends and never went back.
Although he hated what his father was doing at the time, thinking
about it later had him sexually aroused, and it became an obsession to
regularly recreate those "sessions" where his father would barge into his
room and force himself on him. He had answered my ad because my description
was close to his dad's size. Did I get the picture? Yes I did.
That evening, and for about a year and a half afterwards, Billy would
come to my apartment, make himself comfortable in the bed, pretending to
read or be asleep, and I would loudly barge into the room, wrestle him for a
while, calling pubic preteens him names, until I got him onto his stomach, when I would rip
off his briefs, dab some lube into his asshole and take him as forcefully as
I could. The weekly sessions we had bothered me at first, as I am not into
violence or rape. When I realized that I was merely hentai preteen fucking
the actor in a fantasy
that obviously got him turned on to an incredible degree, I sort of got into
the "role" at bit more each week. We would cuddle and talk afterwards, but
never had sex except in the context of his "fantasy".
Our weekly "plays" ended when he got a job in the Park Service, and
moved out of state. I am sure he had no problem finding preteen gratis fotos a "surrogate Daddy"
whereever he wound up.----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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